Students’ Proposal of “Suggestion Meeting” Sets the First Example in NTU LDP

NTU LDP Students made a proposal for the first time that lecturers and students could face-to-face discuss the contents and guidelines of selective courses and advanced courses, making the decision that both sides would hold a “Suggestion Meeting” at the beginning of every semester, which set the milestone of active learning for LDP students.

LDP has long been pursuing the teaching via students’ proposals and execution; therefore, the teaching scheme has been carried out in an activity-oriented way since the program was firstly set up. To the present, whether it is in-course / out-course activities, or students’ self-initiated projects, we have accumulated immense experimental cases. In late November, 2012, the “Leadership Forum and Exchange Assembly for College Students” held by the 4th and 5th cycle students has further reached the peak of students’ autonomous experiences. This event drew the participation of students from ten universities all over the island. After the event the organizing students classified the gain of exchange along with the existing courses of NTU LDP, to raise suggestions for course improvement to the LDP Committees and lecturers.

On the day when lecturers met students face-to-face, students made suggestions primarily toward the course content of “Advanced Leadership Seminar” and the direction of selective courses, with a view to increasing the rate of program accomplishment. Furthermore, they made a proposal that a “Suggestion Meeting for LDP” could be held regularly onwards, helping LDP review and improve its courses.

Faced with students’ proposals, lecturers from the program made highly positive commentaries, considering that the benign communication between lecturers and students could enhance students identifying with the program, contributing to the practice of students’ autonomy. Meanwhile, it also stimulated the reform and innovation of program lecturers and the staff, pushing the program forward in the long run.

Additionally, the participating students in the discussion indicated that in the future they expected to combine the resources of Leadership Society and the Alumni Association for LDP to achieve the sustainable developmental goals of boosting course quality, carrying out visions, and collecting human resources.

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