1. Are LDP courses also considered equal to Liberal Education Courses?

Only if the specific courses are also considered those of Liberal Education according to NTU courses regulations.

 2. Are LDP courses considered equal to the elective courses by (different) Departments?

Deans of Departments will have to decide whether the credits of LDP courses will be considered equal to those of elective courses by his/her own department.

3. If I could not finish the program before obtaining my bachelor degree, yet I am confirmed to be furthering my study at NTU graduate school, may I continue with the program?


4. If I have not taken “Introduction to Management and Leadership”, may I still apply for the program?

Students who have not taken the course are still welcomed to apply the program; however, those who have will be preferred.

5. I am already half way through my junior year but I am planning to postpone my graduation for a year. Am I still qualified to apply?

Yes, as long as you fulfill the credits requirement before your graduation.

6. Do I have to provide certification together with my application if I am going to postpone my graduation?

LDP tend to trust every applying student. However, students may hand in an explanation about the decision of postponing graduation if possible.

7. I have already taken “Introduction to Management and Leadership” but I will be on an annual outgoing exchange program this year. May I apply LDP this year but begin taking courses after my return?


8. Is there a specific format for recommendation letters? Do they have to be written by professors from NTU?

There is no specific format for recommendation letters and they are not necessarily written by NTU professors. The main concern of the letters is that those who do the recommendation need to be trustworthy. They also have to note how the acquaintance took place and how well they know about the student in the letters.

9. Are LDP courses also open to students out of the program?

“Introduction to Management and Leadership” opens to all the NTU students even though it is a pre-course for LDP. However, “Leadership Practice and Internship” are exclusively for LDP students. As for other additional LDP-acknowledged courses, it really depends on the restriction set by the departments in charge.