LDP office takes in applications for service-learning hours approval for service participation from July 1st of year correspondent to LDP academic enrollment.

For example, Cycle 4 admission list was announced in June 2011, Cycle 4 students’ service-learning participation on and thereby July 1st 2011 is and will be competent for the service-learning hours approval application.

Application procedures are as followed:

1. Fill in “Service-Learning Hours Approval Form”(click to download) and name the file as “SLH_Student ID_Name”.

2. Scan related documents, certificates and files to good definition. (JPG files preferred) Please name the scanned files “Service-learning certificate _student ID _Name_No.”

3. Please note that the service participation is mainly of voluntary work, social and public welfare activities or personnel interactive events.

4. E-mail all the documents and files to ntuleadership@ntu.edu.tw under mail subject “SLH_Student ID_Name”.

5. Service-learning hours approval is required for program certification, advanced application is therefore strongly advised.