Dept:NTU Atmospheric Sciences

Degree:Ph.D.Colorado State University, USA

Specialty:Numerical Modeling and Dynamic Meteorology.Typhoon dynamics.Balanced dynamics.Cloud dynamics. Numerical methods.

Tel:+886-2-3366-3910 / +886-2-2367-1291

NTU Professors

Ko, Chen-En

Dept:Dept of Accounting

Specialty:Policy Performance Evaluation, Leadership and Management in Corporate Organizations, Capital Market Management

Course:Introduction to Leadership

Wu, Hsueh-Liang

Dept:NTU International Business

Specialty:Strategy Management

Course:Introduction to Organizational Management

Chu, Shi-Wei

Dept:NTU Physics

Specialty: Ultra-broadband and ultrafast laser system, Team Building

Course:Team Learning & Outdoor Leadership

Lin, Ta-Te

Dept:NTU Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering

Specialty:Biological Engineering, Image Processing & Machine Vision, Leadership Group Project Discussion

Course:Leadership Seminar

Tian, Wei-Cheng

Dept:NTU Electrical Engineering

Specialty:Micro and nano analytical & fluidic integrated technologies, Leadership Study & Projects

Course:Advanced Leadership Seminar (I ) & (II)

Chien, Shiuh-Shen

Dept:NTU Geography

Specialty:Geography of Globalization, Development

Course:Global Studies 101, World Geography, Advanced Leadership Seminar (I)

Tseng, Snow H.

Dept:NTU Electrical Engineering

Specialty:Maxwell’s Equations for the Problem of Light Scattering by Macroscopic Biological Random Media

Course:Advanced Leadership Seminar (I) & (II)

Ku, Yeun-Wen

Dept:NTU Social Work

Specialty:Social Policy Analyses, Social Welfare Theory

Course:Social Responsibility & Service Leadership, Advanced Leadership Seminar (II)

Adjunct Professors

Kuo, Grant

Title:India Branch Manager of Media Tek

Specialty:Logistic Management, Customer Satisfaction Project, Leadership Development, Vision Plan Implementation, Human Resource Management.

Course:Introduction to Leadership

Yang, Pierre

Title: Former Representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France, Former visiting Professor of Fu Jen Catholic University.

Specialty: International Cooperation and Development, Glocalization Studies, International Negotiations, Cultural Diplomacy, International Circumstance Analysis.

Course:International Leadership

Chu, Michel

Title: The Founder of GigaMedia, The Vice CEO of NTU EMBA foundation.

Specialty:Strategic Management, Enterprise Merger and Acquisition, Technology Management, Project Management.

Course:Introduction to Organizational Management, Leadership Seminar, Advanced Leadership Seminar (I)

NTU Leadership Development Program

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※ Office Hour:Monday-Friday 09:00 – 12:00;13:30 – 17:30

Office Staff

Huang, Hsiu-Wen

General affairs, official paperwork, reviews, certification, admission, LDP building entry authorization, seminars, projects, office management.


Chang, Hsiao-Wen

Academic affairs, database management, TA recruitment, admission, seminars, projects, office management.


Former Directors

Ko, Chen-En

Duty Period:From Sep. 2008 to July 2012

Current Postion:Adjunct Prof, of NTU Dept of Accounting

Chu, Shi-Wei

Duty Period:Surrogate Director from Feb. 2012 to July 2012

Current Position:Prof. of NTU Dept of Physics, NTU LDP Committee Member