University education has mainly focused on the teaching of knowledge for as long as it ever existed. There has been lacking a systematic way to enhance the students’ teamwork and leadership skills. When entering different fields in the society, many graduated students find that although they have sufficient professional skills, their interpersonal attitude and communication skills are in need to be improved in order to actually match what is expected of them, as well as awaken their potentials and fully devote their abilities.

NTU is one of the main demonstrating universities in the “Aim for the Top University Project“ of Ministry of Education. Should educating future leaders of each field be more innovative and creative, NTU shall receive futher acknowledgement. NTU established the NTU Leadership Development Program in 2008. Reporting to the Center for General Education, the program’s goal is to cultivate students to become leaders of different fields and contribute to the society. The program provides basic theory along with humanistic qualities, social responsibilities, international horizons and outdoor teamwork training, hoping to establish the students’ humble attitude and will to serve. So that they will challenge themselves and penetrate their comfort zones and furthermore, gain the ability to lead and repay the society.

This program has long been encouraging students to challenge the unknown while blending in the creativity of the youth. Students are asked to be deliberate in counsel and prompt in action. Since ever established, the program has trained over hundreds of NTU students. The main achievements are as followed:

1 We visited the Himalayan area in Nepal once respectively in 2009 and 2010 to carry out the“Outdoor learning and International Serving Project,” and thus completing the international leadership and service plan.
2 In 2011 and 2012, we completed the 10-day-and-10-night outdoor team training in Mt. Nanhu under harsh circumstances. The pre-training started half a year beforehand and the students were able to actually experience and learn from decision making, teamwork and self management.
3 We started the “Morningers” morning jogging event on the NTU campus. This event attracted hundreds of NTU students to quit the habit of sleeping in and to train themselves for a better and healthier life. This event is planned to be promoted to all universities inTaiwan.
4 In 2010, the Leadership Development Program Magazine of records and reviews was first published and thus built the foundation of learning and serving heritages, which are to be steadily passed down.
5 We held the “Yilan County Policy Development Contest and Government Communication Event”, providing an opportunity for the NTU students to go out of campus and participate in public and social affairs. The students discussed policies in groups, gave suggestions for development, and reported to the Yilan County Government twice, fully demonstrating the influence of young people.
6 We planned the “Da-Shen-Gong” project and devoted to community developments. We worked with Shen-Keng neighborhood and NGO to recycle the used oil of fried tofu, and reuse it in making soaps. This way we carried out actions for environmental protection and sustainable development and at the same time helped to raise the value and specialty of the region.
7 “College Students’ Leadership Forum and Interactive Assembly” was held in Nov, 2012, inviting nine domestic universities with relevant organizations to make leadership experience exchanges. As a result, a national college youth platform is formed for shared information and future cooperations.
8 Other achievements are : participated in contests held by the National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan, held social entrepreneurs’ speech and forums, promoted the usage of eco-tableware, ran the charity sale of desserts made by mentally retarded children, promoted general government supervision, encouraged clothes recycle and the reuse of resources.

As for the academic and research achievements, we held the first “Seminar of Leadership Development in University” in December 2011. Six universities with similar training programs in Taiwan were invited to discuss the design and execution of leadership courses.

The design concept of NTU Leadership Development Program (NTU LDP) logo derives from the prefixes “L” and “D”, depicting an image of flying wild geese which alternatively lead and follow one another towards the destination. They represent detailed observance and the spirit of being servant leaders. Accompanied by the passionate yellow and orange, they soar in the azury blue, carrying the expectations of people and society as to serve, to give and to achieve the mankind vision, in a calm, rational and tolerant fashion.

1. Vision           

    To hold visionary ideas and spirit of a leader.

2. Integrity

   To lead an honest and quality personality.

3. Care             

   To care about others and the society.   

4. Teamwork          

    To work and communicate as a team.

5. Optimism         

   To stay positive and grateful all the time.  

6. Responsibility       

   To have the courage to bear promises and be responsible for teammates and oneself.