LDP Orientation Evaluation, Cycle 4, Year 2011

Instructor: Prof. Ko, Cheng-En, Dean of LDP, NTU

Participants: Cycle 3 LDP students; Cycle 4 LDP students

1. Origin

The LDP boot camp in 100th school year aims not only to have the LDP Cycle 4 students know one another as they joins the program but also to make the LDP Cycle 3 and Cycle 4 students interact by means of teamwork and sharing experiences. The orientation allows the participants to practice their leadership while building a group consensus so that the participants may help plan and execute the program in the future.

The theme of the  orientation is “team-building and leadership.” Nowadays, it is a time of  professionalism. Be it in public sectors, in private sectors or in NGOs, the leaders must care about the team-building and the capacity of the team besides making progress. All in all, how to build and develop a great team is an important lesson to today’s leaders.


2. Session

A. Information Meeting

As the school year starts, the information meeting was held to introduce the courses and how the program functioned. Professors and seniors shared their experiences about how to develop soft skills with the help of the program. Besides, making the students know one another from the start laid the foundation of their future cooperation. In the meeting, information about the boot camp was also declared so that the activity can be known to the students.

B. Boot Camp

The two-day orientation boot camp was held in the latter half of September. Via a series of specifically designed activities about teamwork, the participants learned the aim and prospect of the program. The activities allowed the participants to know each other by playing games, to frequently interact with others and thereby to find out how to team up with others. Aside from developing acquaintances, the participants were asked to observe Yilan County. They should make use of their insight and present proposal to the Yilan County Government.


3. Information of Orientation

Coordinator: Chiu, Ying-Huei

To make the freshmen (LDP Cycle 4) know more about the program, a few of us LDP Cycle 3 students volunteered to hold an information meeting. To us, this was a new challenge as well as a chance to learn. We had to invite professors, ordered meals and thought up some games to warm up the meeting. But for everybody’s cooperation, the task could not have been successfully carried out. I especially give thanks to the program assistants for the frequent help. They got us to know the situation rather fast.

On the day of the meeting, the weather was bad. We were very lucky to have the meals and tools transported to the site one hour earlier, so the later torrents of rain did not
stop us. The freshmen were all devoted to exchanging opinions and interacting with professors and one another; they also gave very positive feedbacks. The information meeting sort of fulfilled its aim. Though it was the first time that we held an information meeting like this, everyone helped whole-heartedly while a problem came out instead of just doing their own job. I felt that we were a closely-united team. The information meeting not only educated the LDP Cycle 4 members but also made us learn the importance of teamwork.

However, some accidents unexpectedly happened, e.g. the microphone died, the computer went out of control . . ., etc. These made us realize the importance of preparing eforehand. If we had thought more and tested the equipment in advance, we might have avoided many accidents. The accident that the drinks poured out really tested our team’s ability to handle a crisis. We sent somebody to clean it right away and moved the register desk to the other entrance of the classroom. As a result, the activity was not interrupted at all. Despite some disturbances because of lack of preparation, we can learn from these and improve. The experiences will make us better in teamwork, in dealing with crisis and train us to be a leader with thorough consideration so that we react to accidents faster.


4. Orientation Boot Camp

A. Administration Coordinator: Hung, Jing-Ya

As a senior student, I had never dreamed of being involved in a camp again. That’s why I treasured the (possibly) last chance to join in a camp in my college life so much. This time, I wished I could not just be in the camp but really see and learn something. Instead of being too devoted and thus fussing about, I chose the administrative job—a job that used to be my last choice. Many little things that I took for granted before turned out to take great care and quick response, such as moving the team to and fro in the city. I found myself in need of partners to discuss with while I got myself to work. I used to consider myself an experienced camp holder, but this LDP camp made me seem like a stupid rookie. After all, expectation usually differs from the reality.

I volunteered to take charge of the administration, but first the seemingly simple bus rental drove me off guard. I spent much time looking up the prices. I looked them up in
different companies and saw which one meet the requirement of our trip. “Hiring a bus for two days” versus “charged by time and distance.” I made more than five budget plans. Then I called the companies to ask about each price to see which cost the least and met our needs. I want to thank especially the program assistant for doing accounts for us. I could skip so much tedious work because of her. Regrettably, the cost of the bus rental was not low enough to meet our expectation.

I learned from this camp: the quality of a camp is determined mostly by its administration. I dealt with every single task with great care. I think I have done my job. But compared with others’ “unconditional” devotion, my contribution is not much. Many people did so much more than I. Seeing their efforts for the camp, I would tell myself not to hold them back. A group in which people work together is indeed better than just one person.

My passion for camps has not decreased with the increase of my age. I enjoyed my careful plan and devotion, seeking a solution to a problem, and also expecting the results. I believe that a camp is a social activity that requires lots of interactions as well as a learning platform to know myself further through others’ eyes. By taking up a different job in the camp, I re-examined my growth and tried to see if I had changed. All the camps and all the memories that I got along with a group of people make me grow with satisfaction.

a field trip to Rabbit Pencil School

B. Chief Activity Coordinator: Lin Wei-han

Since I joined the LDP Cycle 3, we had only a few chances to get together. The greatest achievement of the camp was to make the members more closely united and thus more like a family. When we got together and had a goal to achieve, the program worked out its influence on not only the students, program itself but also the whole aspects of the society. Before we went on the camp, everyone was so devoted to the preparation, including thinking about ideas and testing the games—this demonstrated the spirit of teamwork of LDP. Both two presidents were concerned about our progress and tried to make sure the activities would be smoothly carried out. I think one thing that we have to improve is the efficiency of our meetings. Sometimes we discussed too many details and thus spent too much time.
I suggest that we focus on the contents of activities only and assign the details and tasks to members. Take the manual for example. We only had to discuss the deadline and contents. As for the design, we might well leave it to those who were in charge. Besides, there were too many uncertainties about the site of the activity. We might well let the member who was in charge of the site decided and we cooperated with the director. What we have decided in a meeting could actually prove not feasible in the end. Spending too much time discussing it led to the lack of efficiency.

All the activities went quite well during the camp. The cycle 4of LDP members gave good feedbacks. The games made them know one another in the two days and thus laid
the foundation of their future cooperation. One thing I want to mention especially is the delays. We got stuck in heavy traffic in Hsueh-shan Tunnel and thus spent more time than expected to and from Yilan. I suggest we consider more about transportation and make much flexible schedule or leave more back-up time, making sure of the time when every single activity ends so that we may not delay the following activities.


5. Document & Design Coordinator: Chen, Hua-Suan, Lee, Lu-En

Hua-Suan and Lu-En shared cooperated in this team. Hua-Suan designed the manual and certificate while Lu-En dealt with the paper work and ordered the red cloth. In a meeting, everyone has agreed on the idea that we made the manual in the form as a roll of a film. Each team provided some sentences about them, and we rephrased them
with current popular quotations. The results were not bad. As we prepared for the camp, we saw how responsible and devoted everybody was.

We two usually discussed online. Sometimes we just finished the previous task on our schedule, skipped dinner and hurried online. Fortunately the online discussions went well. We had fun and always reached a consensus. We divided the tasks and carried them out successfully. What matters is we recognized lots of strengths and learned from each other. We are both glad to have cooperated with each other.At first, we joined in the camp so as to work with other members from LDP Cycle 3 .

Every time we met and discussed, we felt everyone was indispensible in the team. Working with everybody for a goal and making some contributions made me feel great.


6. Tutorial Staff

a. Huang Kai-ji

Mostly I played the role of tutorial staff. I took part in the preparation work such as testing the games, giving feedbacks, loaning tools, examining the schedule and etc. I kipped the initial preparation work because of my plan to travel around the island. I hadn’t joined the team until the new semester started. First, I have to say I enjoyed working with all the LDP members, from the very beginning to the end. As I tested the games, I marveled at everybody’s creativity. I had joined in so many camps, but I had never dreamed about so many creative and fun games like these.

Last year we joined the program and now we were the holder of the camp. My feelings were complicated. I even doubted if I was qualified to lead. I am so glad to be Hua-Suan’s partner and helped each other. We had a good time with the cycle 4 of LDP members. Watching them discuss on the night, I myself thought for a long time and
finally decided not to join them. Sometimes they missed the focus, but I stayed silent. They would find out themselves and went back to the discussion focus. I wanted to make them learn the philosophy of meetings themselves. It took some time, but I think they would learn the lesson.

Lastly I want to thank the two hard-working presidents and all the staff. The camp was well-rounded because of you all. Thanks to the cycle 4 of LDP members, too. We had the opportunity to hold the camp because of you. I still remember in last year’s camp, everybody worked perfectly together and took hot spring bath together in the evening like old friends though the camp was just two-day. We didn’t do that this year, but I think everybody is touched as much. Go, the LDP Cycle 4! I believe you will achieve many things. The camp was just the beginning.

b. Liao Ying-Chi

Actually I had wished to volunteer to be the president of the camp to work with everybody more closely, but I finally gave up because of my internship and my plan to go abroad. I was afraid that I could not be fully devoted. As the two presidents asked about my schedule, I stated my problem of limited time. They still invited me passionately
to the preparation work. My attendance was divided into two halves because I went abroad. In the latter half, I felt quite nervous because many things has changed. Fortunately, I caught up soon. Actually everybody was an experienced camp holder. However, what counted was that we could get this chance to work together and to learn from each other. Everyone had a different background and thoughts, which all were worth learning. Likewise, LDP Cycle 4 members were all quite able, too. Sometimes, I don’t feel like I am leading them but just listening to their sharing. The greatest achievement for me in this camp was to be more closely united to everybody. I don’t want us just to say hello when I go to classes. We are about to finish the program and I hope we can keep in touch. In the preparation work, I think the efficiency of meetings could have been improved. Sometimes we had too much great time chatting and forgot what we were doing. We wasted some time because of this. As for team building, I would like to give the two presidents and the staff very high remark. It’s important that we respect and listen to one another. Especially the two presidents encouraged us a lot in the beginning of the preparation work and tried to strengthen our relationship. I think it’s quite important for team building.


7. Conclusion

Holding an activity is usually not that easy as our expectation. It takes thorough consideration and plans. Take the information meeting as an example. We proposed to do this to make the freshmen know more about how the program functions, about the courses, etc. and to promote the boot camp so that it may attract more freshmen. However, as we started planning, we found it not that easy. It included inviting professors, ordering meals and decorating the site, etc. Every single task took lots of work to finish. In the preparation job of the camp, we found something that could have been improved, too, such as our time management.

Despite a little error, we worked and learned, improved our skills, trained ourselves to deal with a crisis and developed the ability to think thoroughly. I believe these will be our weapon as we entered the society in the future. What was greater is that in the camp, we cycle 3 of LDP members became more closely related. We worked together for a goal happily. We helped each other with our own strengths, so the results could have been this great. We learned to communicate and to work as a team.

Besides our learning, we LDP Cycle 3 members set a significant example for the LDP Cycle 4 members: the LDP students could be united this much. The camp’s major aim was to make the LDP Cycle 4 members know each other and lead them to experience the team culture and organization of the program so that they will learn more and perform better in the future.