NTU LDP Inherits and Serves as Personal Career Coach Project Launches!

By Lai, Yi-An, Senior, Dept. of Physics, LDP Cycle 5

Students, when entering into junior or senior year at college, tend to be always talking about issues related to “future” and are subject to be anxious and uneasy about “lifelong career plan”. This year, NTU LDP learns from Harvard, Stanford and other worldwide well-known business academies, and for the first time ever follows their renowned tradition as the program launches “Personal Career Coach Project” on the NTU campus. Through alumni’s experience sharing, the project aims to provide the program students with enlightening guides on personal development, self-understanding and positioning as well as preparation for occupation and career. With such assistance, the students are hoped and encouraged to face the unknown and further have their life designed.

The project was initially originated from the LDP Cycle 1 alumnae, Wu, Yi-Chen, who is currently serving at Bonston Consulting Group, and is later carried out by Leadership Society, a student organization under the program. There are 7 outstanding alumni, who respectively participate in different career fields, volunteering to be the Career Coaches and provide help in a mentoring fashion.

Career Coach Kick-Off, the first event held under the project, took place on December 7th and had attracted all but 30 passionate participants from current LDP cycles. The coaches talked about how they were exposed to various events and incidents, and how they, through such process, tried and found all the possibilities as well as further discovered and narrowed them down to their own real interests. They had also suggested on how to generally map ones’ life, the reason why one should attend graduate schools, the real values one should bring to a market, the dilemma between becoming a master of certain field and being a Jack of all trades, and finally how to be confirmed with personal choices.

Many of the participants became more confident with themselves and the future after hearing the inspiring, impressive yet true stories from the alumni. They felt honored to be inspired. Some of them even said in the feedback that they should let go the unneeded limitation and be more persistent in their beliefs as well as be brave to take actual actions. Wu also expressed her wishes by quoting the founder of Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan, Lin Huai-Ming’s saying, “Dare to dream, choose your strategy well, take and be careful with details, walk out of box, climb and go higher!”

Leadership Society has been actively planning and organizing more upcoming project events for next six months to come. An online group which will gather and connect the coaches and students is expected. A part from this, more seminars and themed talks will take place on a regular basis. Also, there will be career workshops and even “mock interviews” practically helping LDP students realize their future plans and dreams.