Running Out of the Box, The Morningers Run “By” Mid-Term Week!

By Su, Ting-Rai, NTU Institute of Health Policy and Management, LDP Cycle 4

It is hard to imagine students being early birds and run before mid-terms, yet The Morningers just did it! At 7:30 a.m. on November 2nd 2013, about 60 NTUers unbelievably attended “The 1st Morninger Game, Morning Party before Mid-Term.”

The participants that day included NTU President, Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang, who encouraged NTU students to cultivate good lifestyle habits as to help improve personal academic performance and character development. Furthermore, President Yang accepted The Morningers interview and took a part in The Morningers promotion video. The organizing team also prepared All Pass candies to cheer and wish all the student participants good luck!

To the Morningers, jogging in the morning is a core value that actually represents an attitude toward life. Through developing good habits, participants are encouraged to find a steady life pace and strengthen personal willpower. The Morningers aims to help college students make a difference to the irregular work-and-rest hours and habits such as staying up, getting up late and lack of exercise, and therefore establishes such supporting system to constantly assist to maintain persistence and momentum.

The Mornigners was founded by NTU LDP and has been running for three consecutive years (6 semesters). With the abundant past experience, this year, The Morningers jogging events are spread and going to take place in NTU, NCKU and YZU, hoping to inspire more college students!

The Morningers jog in NTU starts on November 18th, running every morning through Monday to Friday. All the NTUers are welcome to join! Please register at