Building the Dream Step by Step, Carrying Out Public Welfare: The Third Year Morningers Hit the Road Vigorously

By Lin, Pin-Wei, junior, Dept. of Agricultural Chemistry ;
Huang, Bo-Hui, Senior, Dept. of Biochemical Science & Technology, LDP Cycle 5

For the past five years, NTU Leadership Development Program and Leadership Society have cooperated to hold various leading and meaningful activities, among which the spring and autumn morning jogging events of the Morningers are the most prominent ones, with the sum of participants accumulating over 5000 people. Not to mention the fact that the activities have also raised money for disadvantaged groups.

This year, the Morningers morning jogging event has moved into the third anniversary. The grand gathering of autumn morning jogging will open at 7 o’clock on Monday, November 19th; people will gather on the NTU field tracks jogging every Monday to Friday morning until December 25th. The activity invites all students on the campus to join together, cultivate the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, embrace healthy lifestyle and carry out self-training and self-enhancement.

Besides, the third year Morningers’ grand gathering also adds two executive visions —- public welfare and dream building:

1.Public Welfare —- Good for One Heart, Good for All Hearts

The Morningers anticipate that every student who joins the activity can not only become healthier but also do welfare on foot. Here goes the one lap one dollar charity campaign —- each time each Morninger comes to jog, our cooperative corporations will donate 5 dollars for each person to Cardiac Children’s Foundation Taiwan for the use of medical expenditure.

With the activity of “You come to jog for one day, we donate 5 dollars,” the morning jogging is not only beneficial for the body but also helping children with cardiac diseases to accomplish their wishes of “feeling like jogging.”

2. Dream Building —- Time Management and Building the Dream Step by Step

The Morningers jog not only expects people to cultivate regular healthy habits but also hopes that every Morninger has more time to accomplish his or her goals and dreams owning to getting up early. During the activity, a Dream Wall will be set up at the command post on NTU field, allowing everybody to write his or her goals and dreams on it; eventually, the collage will form and look like the Chinese characters of the Morningers, symbolizing the Morningers accomplishing dreams and great goals and recording the process of learning time management as well.

The third year Morningers’ autumn jogging grand gathering will hit the road at NTU field tracks at 7 o’clock in the morning, Monday, November 19th, 2012. Welcome everybody to salute everyday with love and passion together with the Morningers!

NTU Hightlights Issue1114