Grew and Developed – The Morningers Reached Another Summit

By Liao Kuen-An, Sophemore, Dept. of Law

In the twilight, each lively and energetic soul rose to the beauty of a new day. After a series of events, the “Morningers” have gotten used to the healthy daily routine of getting up early. But this time the Morningers’ early exercise has been added a good purpose. The Morningers are now in co-operation with Syn-Lu Social Welfare Foundation!

The Morningers invited CyberLink to join us in the charity event. As the Morningers complete each course, CyberLink would donate 1 dollar to the Syn-Lu Welfare Foundation. The main idea of the event is “1 circle 1 dollar”. With the slogan “1 circle 1 dollar, this event fulfills “the dreams of the mentally retarded.” By the end of the event, the Morningers managed to finish 40231 courses in the witness of Prof. Joyce Yen Feng, Prof. Shi-Wei Chu, Ms. Ching-Yi Tsung of Syn-Lu and all the Morningers. Each course was a good deed and the result was truly inspiring!

In addition, instead of the previous attendance policy, this time the participants are given the flexibility to set their own target courses. This allows them to challenge themselves and set goals according to their own health status. Jogging is no longer just jogging, but a self-fulfilling process and experience. Only the goal-achievers will be presented with the accomplishment certificate.

In this season, the Morningers present more varieties in the event design. Every week there is a special mission for the Morningers to accomplish while jogging. The first week’s mission was to form teams with friends from four different departments and take a group photo. The second week we had to find the 13 puzzles hidden within the corners of the event area. The third week we stepped out of the sports field, onto the campus and finished a marathon course of about 5km within half an hour. The fourth week’s mission was “Finding Morningers”. Co-operating with “We Love Cookies”, by gathering the staff’s signatures. Then the participants could have the discount offer of buy 1 get 1 free. The fifth week’s mission was “Morningers’ Agent”, allowing the participants to experience being staffs and learning to greet and serve others. The sixth week we had the most exciting lyrics rewriting contest. Sponsored by Jazz Speakers, all participants who re-wrote lyrics and made it into films could have the chance of been awarded a surround speaker! We did our best to make the Morningers event more colorful. Just as Prof. Chen-En Ko said “It’s easy to achieve 60 points, but to gradually improve to 80, 90 points is what’s difficult and meaningful. It requires co-operation, brain storming and the accumulation of experiences.”

What’s worth mentioning is that the Morningers can now be seen not only on NTU campus. Tainan NCKU has also started the Morningers program and will run for 5 weeks starting from 30th April, along with their peers in Taipei! We hope to promote the program to more campuses and have more people join the Morningers.

A lucky draw was held at the end of the event and we creatively combined the event with receipt gathering, making it a charitable and environmentally-friendly deed. One week after the event, the “Morningers’ Week” sold Syn-Lu products for charity and gave out presents as a perfect ending for the whole event. We thank all the sponsoring companies and all the help that the school and teachers gave us. We also deeply appreciate the passion of all the participants. You did it! See you next semester!


NTU Hightlight Issue 1099