NTU LDP 3+ Salon “Taking the First Step”

By Peng, Ren-Hong, Cycle 1, NTU Alumnus

This year is the fifth year since the establishment of NTU LDP. The achievement exhibition of this year by the Cycle 3 students unprecedentedly includes not only a presentation in the Main Library but also a salon of speeches that lasts a month– “Taking the First Step. The salon is scheduled to be delivered from May 3rd to 25th. , inviting people of all fields of great social contribution such as Ms. Ye Tsu-Yin, the Organizer of World Press, Chang Heng-Hao, the winner of National Youth Contribution Award for Personal International Contribution and Peng Ren-Hong, the nominee of the same award for Public Contribution and the President of NTU LDP Alumni Club to share their experiences and to brainstorm with the students for new ideas in social contribution.

The second speech of the salon was delivered by Peng Ren-Hong, the alumni of NTU LDP. He is one of the Cycle 1 graduates and the president of the NTU LDP alumni club founded this year. As a college student in the past, Peng had successfully raised 3 million for middle/elementary schools and charity in Yilan and other remote areas of Taiwan via the platform LDP provided and with the skills he learned in the program. The speech titled “Small Dreams, Great Changes”, via which Peng told the listeners how he transformed into a popular speaker among students from an ordinary college student. By sharing his own experiences, he also claimed that “everyone may create their own fantastic story”. His experiences included winning the first prize in the public sector internship competition for college students, raising 0.9 million for the library of Nan An Junior High School in Yilan County, hosting the Yilan Luodon Monopoly activity, founding and running the “Learning by Doing, Learning by Traveling” club and other service.

The “Taking the First Step”salon aims not only to pass the experiences onto the later cycles of LDP but also to integrate the campus resources and in the society through the LDP platform. The NTU LDP Alumni Club will set examples for the junior students and tried to provide assistance in social service campaigns run LDP students, such as the currently on-going Morningers. The spirits of “servant leadership” of LDP may thus go deep into the neighborhood and the communities. With theories and practices combined, the core value of LDP ”To cultivate leading talents for various fields in Taiwan society” is hereby emphasized. In addition, the public may have greater chances to learn more about NTU LDP, while the students serve in return, launching new social innovation and creating new social values.