Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone—LDP Cycle 3 Achievement Exhibition

By Lin, Yi-Ru, LDP Cycle 3, Dept. of Business Administration

LDP Cycle 3 is about to graduate and thus hold an achievement exhibition in the NTU Main Library, which will be open from April 25th till May 25th, every Monday to Friday.

Teachers Complimenting: Reputed Students

In the afternoon of May 4th, 2012, the LDP Cycle 3 held an achievement presentation and invited Professor Chiang, the Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor Fung, the Dean of Student Affairs, and many guests from social organizations and corporations. In the meeting, Professor Chiang said he was glad that the LDP students had not wasted time had demonstrated the worth of their lives. Professor Fung also complimented that the courage LDP students had shown in stepping outside their comfort zones and challenging new things was worth learning.


The exhibition includes four sections: personal progress, team building, social connection and the combined effects of the three previous sections—PLUS. The LDP Cycle 3 students have learned how to be successful leaders from every single event in the past two years.


Morningers—Healthy New Image

“Jogging in the morning” is a very old teaching which very few people practice. It’s a right thing. Why few people do it? We don’t see any reason not to. The Cycle 3 held a “Morningers” campaign with the intention to change the habits of staying up late of today’s college students. Not only college students but also residents around NTU were all invited to join the campaign. We intend to communicate the spirits of “Morningers” to the Cycle 4, wishing them to pass this on.

Outdoor Courses on Leadership

In our daily lives, people generally get along without much stress and avoid confrontations while handling things. Harmony is relatively easy. However, while you are under great pressure, like while you are climbing a mountain and you are nearly exhausted, you have to take the whole team into consideration. Both moving forward and staying back are difficult decisions. We LDP Cycle 3 students are not professional mountain climbers, but we helped one another while exhausted and made urgent decisions while given only limited information. The adventurous spirits we demonstrated in outdoor courses are hereby clearly exhibited.

Go into the Neighborhood, and Give Feedback on the Society 

Who says students live in an ivory tower and care about things happen within only five meters? We LDP Cycle 3 students refused to limit our horizons to the books thirty centimeters before our faces. We made proposal to the giant of Taiwanese tourism; we cared about the neighborhood community and thus explored its history and cooperated with some chamber of commerce to help more NTU students know our home land. Besides, stinky tofu in Shen-Keng is very popular, but have you ever thought how the vendors did with the used oil? The students came up with an environmentally-friendly and creative idea: made soaps with it and thus opened up new commercial possibility.



Individual trips around the island, the policy competition sponsored by Yilan County government, seminars with the leading force of other colleges and a meeting with a Dutch congressman—the achievements exhibition included numerous topics and demonstrated how much the LDP Cycle 3 students had achieved in the two years.

We LDP Cycle 3 students could work as a team or individually. While we worked together, we trusted one another and devoted ourselves; while we worked individually, each of us was able to lead. The LDP Cycle 3 Achievement Exhibition would reveal to you the secrets of how leaders were educated.