Jogging for Charity—The Morningers’ Spring Gathering Has Returned

By Su, Ting-Rue, LDP Cycle 4, senior, Dept. of Public Health

With over 330 students participating, the 2nd Morningers’ Spring Gathering held voluntarily by LDP students opened last Monday, April 23rd. Prof. Fung, Yen, Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Ko, Chen-En, and Prof. Chu, Shi-Wei from LDP as well as Tsung Jing-Yi, Director of Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation were also present at the event.

Apart from the promotion of the routine self-workout, the 2nd Morningers Spring Gathering has also gotten NCKU in Tainan involved with the Morninger idea. Additionally, the organizing team has had Cyberlink to sponsor on a charity base: the company will donate 1 NTD to Shyin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation for each lap each Morninger runs.

At 7a.m. on the opening day, a group of people were ready to start their day on the track field of NTU. It was such familiar scenes and familiar people. Indeed, the Morningers are back!

New elements are added this time. A sky-blue banner, written fully with participants’ names and their goals, is hung behind the registration stand. Moningers run every day from Monday to Friday and has gotten NCKU in Tainan involved. In addition to that, this time Cyberlink is sponsoring in donation.

One Lap One Dollar Charity Campaign

This time Morningers not only aim to advocate students to jog in the morning but also to do charity at the same time. As a result, the “One Lap One Dollar” campaign is taking place. Cyberlink is donating one NTD to the Shyin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation for every lap done. Every participant is expected to take the self-challenge to make jogging in the morning more meaningful than ever.

Involving NCKU, Jogging in Both Northern and Southern Taiwan

The 2nd Mroningers have realized the goal set last year: to morning-jog out of Taipei. This Spring, the organizing team has successfully influenced NCKU in Tainan, taking the very first step of the relay-jog throughout the whole Taiwan. The Morninger emphasizes not only the regular workout in the morning and maintaining physical/mental health but also the spirit of self-discipline! The organizing team hopes to be more exposed to colleges in Taiwan and encourage more people to join.

The 2nd NTU Morningers’Spring Gathering is taking place from April 23rd to June 1st, 2012, Monday through Friday 07:30-08:00 a.m. Let us start each day by jogging together. The sign-up will continue until June 1st, all NTU students and faculty members are welcomed!