Flash Mobbing on Campus—The LDP Cycle 3 Achievement Exhibition Creatively Opens

By Wang, Bo-Lung, LDP Cycle 3, Senior, Dept. of Economics

 At 12:30 last Wednesday, on the steps before the NTU Main Library appeared a group of people who stayed still with colorful umbrellas in the hands! What was going on? That was the “creative” opening ceremony of “Three Plus” exhibition, the final presentation of achievements by the LDP Cycle 3 students.

Along with the music, they flash mobbed about the mannequin they prepared and had it hold a sign board announcing the opening of the exhibition. They successfully attracted the people entering/exiting the library. Some even joined the mob, adding more fun and surprises to the flash activity.

Static Achievement ExhibitionStorytelling via Videos and Pictures 

The achievement exhibition of LDP Cycle 3, “Three Plus”, aims to present all students’ accomplishment in all courses and related events in the past two years via photography, videos and interactive activities. There are three major themes: Personal Progress, Team Building and Social Connection. In addition, “Plus” represents other specific studies and overall learning experiences in which the students’ potential is discovered. Visitors to the exhibition may know further about the founding of LDP and the promising outcome of variety teaching and learning.

Fun Interactive Games Challenged Your Physical Ability and Intelligence

The exhibition includes two interactive games which respectively are physically and intelligence challenging. The former is to carry the 10kg mountain backpack as to echo the record of Cycle 3 students’ trekking experience in Mt. Nan-Hu on display. Visitors are welcomed to go through the entire exhibition with the backpack on his/her back to feel the special burden. On the other hand, the “Plus” section exhibits various cultures and customs of places throughout the world. Every visitor may take a quiz and see how much they have comprehended. Challengers who do well enough will receive prizes from the LDP Cycle 3!

The LDP 3 Achievement Exhibition has officially started since April 25th and will last for one month in the multi-function exhibition room (NTU Main Library 1st floor, on the right hand side of the entry area). The open hour is 10:0 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you are curious about what LDP students have been doing, thinking or challenging, do come by and stories will be offered and told in details. Furthermore, different themed salons will be organized along with the exhibition. Guest speakers include the organizer of World Press Photo Exhibition and the winner of National Youth Contribution Award 2012. All interested students are welcome to register online or to sign in at the events.

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