Mutual Learning of Leadership Qualities: The Interaction between NTU and NCKU

By Lin, Wei-Han, LDP Cycle 3, senior, Dept. of Psychology

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and National Taiwan University (NTU) are two prestigious universities in the southern and northern Taiwan. In addition to academic achievements, they have put much emphasis and made many efforts on the cultivation of some “soft power,” The NCKU Leadership Center (NCKULC) has now come to the 3rd year, while the NTU Leadership Development Program (LDP) has been run for 4 years. In both Universities, there’re excellent students working hard on self-improvement to make themselves become better leaders.

Met in Tianjin, Bond at NTU

In the afternoon of this November 26th, the students of NCKULC arrived at the NTU campus to have a meeting with the NTU LDP students. The topics aimed for ommunication and sharing students’ leadership learning experiences.

 The initiation of this meeting had to be traced back to the Cross-Strait Youth Leadership Forum in Tianjin this October. Wei-Han Lin, Yin-Huei Chiu, and Hau-Shuan Chen, three students of LDP Cycle 3 represented NTU to join this forum. They came across Yun-Shuan Ding, the Executive of NCKULC– an ambitious group to cultivate leaders with passion, global perspectives, and win-win thinking. Back to Taiwan, the four students decided to organize an event for the program students from the two universities to meet up.

The meeting was composed of two parts. The first session consisted of keynote speeches from both sides. After the NTU and NCKU representatives introduced their respective programs, the Morningers Team, who had made a wave in morning jogging, and the trekking team to Mt. Nan-Hu and the Himalayas both showed up and shared their experiences with all the participants.

“It never occurred to me that the ways to develop leadership could be so diverse and fun!” Tsong-Chen Lu, a senior student in mathematics in NCKU, exclaimed after the sharing.

On the other hand, the NCKU students also brought their valuable experiences from clubs such as AIESEC, TED X Tainan, and the interaction between NCKU and some Japan universities. In particular, the NTU students were highly impressed on TED X Tainan. “I found that the NCKU students have given more weight to local culture and experiences, which is the part we are missing,” commented by Wei-Hao Lin, a junior student of Dept. of Agricultural Economics.

The second session is Leadership Café forum, a time for the students from both groups to discuss about various topics such as leadership qualities, lessons from frustration,
views on unpaid leaves, etc. Through the discussions, the students found the similarities and differences among them. Ching-Ya Hung, a senior in Dept. of Politics, analyzed that the NCKU students put emphasis on the ability to get along with people, while the NTU students care more about personal leading skills. In terms of facing frustration, Wei-Chen Chang, a senior law student thought the two sides have shared something in common, both acknowledging the importance of frustrations to a leader-to-be.

More Communication, More Leading Energies

Other than NTU and NCKU, there’re also other Universities in Taiwan undertaking the exciting challenge to develop students’ leadership. This meeting between NTU and NCKU is just a start. The LDP Cycle 3 students even made a grand wish to organize bigger events for those who aim for improving leadership to meet up locally or even globally in the future.

After the meeting, the four of the chief organizers agreed that the youth leadership will play a crucial role in taking the society forward. Every youth is indispensable and has to keep on working.