The Morningers’ Autumn Gatherings — A Quest to Persistence and Dreams

In order to allow students to learn from practical experiences of organizational operation, in this semester’s Introduction to Organizational Management course, the NTU Leadership Development Program asked the students or organize teams and hold meaningful student events. The Quick Snail Team held a “Morninger’s Autumn Gathering” event, inviting all teachers and students to jog together in the morning and gain the habit of rising early and routine exercise.

Since 22nd November this year, the jogging took place on the NTU sports field every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 17 mornings of jogging is a great challenge for many students. Yen-An Chen, who is a junior of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and also the initiator of the event, said “We hoped to challenge something that is difficult but achievable to train our self-discipline and persistence, and at the same time become healthier.”

The Morningers Set Off 

 The concept of “early birds” is first mentioned by the Japanese. Going to bed early and rising early the next morning, makes one energetic for the whole day.  The Quick Snail Team coined the name “Morningers”, hoping not only to gain the habit of resting and rising early, but also to exercise in the morning, so as to develop both a healthy body and a healthy mind. Due to the morning event, those who rise early may have a place to go to, while others may be more motivated to get up early.

The reason why Quick Snail Team chose jogging is it is an exercise that suits both groups and individuals, and also because the biggest challenge of jogging is perseverance. There is no boundary in jogging. It takes personal will and persistence to determine the miles run and the miles improved, as everyone can stop whenever as s/he pleases. This closely resembles the choice students face during their quest for higher studies. Po-Yuan Chen, junior of the Department of Economics said, “The biggest difference between university and compulsory education is that there is no longer someone watching over our studies. So whether to continue our studies relies completely on our personal will.” Yin-Chi Liao, junior of the Department of Psychology also said, “When facing the enormous stress of exams, the moment we stop represents the limit of our self-will.”

Through this event, everyone can rise early together and train oneself for a stronger mind and be more determined when striving for dreams. This idea also coincides with what the Director of NTU Leadership Development Program, Prof. Chen-en Ko often reminds the students.

The Morninger Bracelet and Social Resources

All participants of the event received a 「MORNINGERS」rubber bracelet. The Quick Snail Team hopes everyone joining the event would feel a sense of belonging and thus become more willing to come for the challenge. The manufacturer of the bracelets, Jan Huei Industry, also provided a discount to show their support.

The bracelets have other additional values. Discounts will be given at some restaurants in and around NTU. Yin-Hui Chiu, a junior of the Department of Animal Science and Technology, who was in charge of contacting the sponsors, said, “I could feel the support and help the sponsors were providing us and am truly grateful to them.”

The famous corporate Adidas is also very supportive of the event and provided gifts for the people who participated many times. Apart from self-challenge, the participant can also get gifts, this makes the “Morningers’ Autumn Gathering” even more popular. With such abundant social resources, Yen-An Chen of the Department of Mechanical Engineering said “The social resources we received gave us a sense of responsibility. We determin to hold the event to its best.”

The Will of the NTUers

In just two weeks, over two hundred people have participated in the event, far surpassing what the Quick Snail Team had expected. Many students are deeply attracted by the morning charm once the participated in the jog and invited many friends to join. During the jog, many students discuss about what it means to persevere. Many of them think positively about taking such challenge and believe this will bring change to their life. Wei-Chen Chang, a junior of the Department of Law, said, “I got to re-discover myself during the job and am more confident towards the challenges in the future.”

A junior of Department of Economics, Po-Lung Wang, thinks, “Having made a challenging event successful is the pride of the initiators and also the participants.” As staff of the event, Quick Snail teammates need to participate in almost every jog. To them, NTU LDP Cycle 3 students of different backgrounds, this is also a challenge to their personal will. Seeing more and more people coming is a great joy for them and their responsible attitude and persistence is and will be the key to the event’s success.

Until the end of December this year, there are still 11 gatherings. The days will get colder and the challenges will thus become more difficult. The academic pressure near the end of semester and the cold weather state its challenge clear. The NTU warrior’s strong perseverance will be fully demonstrated in this battle.