Educate Leaders with a New Vision: NTU Leadership Development Program cares about social service

In order to demonstrate the students’ learning achievements, the NTU Leadership Development Program held the first seminar on 28th December in the library conference
hall. With the slogan “Crossing the comfort zone, helping people across national boundaries” the seminar received compliments from many.


The principal of NTU, Dr. Si-Chen Lee reminded everyone that the chairman of TSMC, Mr. Morris Chang said that educating outstanding people was just the duty of normal universities and that top universities should educate leaders. As Taiwan is very inexperienced in leadership education, the NTU Leadership Development Program took reference from the experiences of the World’s top universities. For example, Oxford University is famous for cultivating prime ministers and congressmen. Merton College, the oldest among its 31 colleges, educates leaders based on “Politics, philosophy and economics” courses. NTU Leadership Development Program not only combined the above modes, but also brought into service, social caring, international vision, compassion and leadership as main goals of education.


Crossing the comfort zone, helping people across national boundaries

In order to correspond to the “Aim for Top University Project” and develop leadership skills, international vision and a will to serve the society, sixteen students of the NTU LDP challenged the 21-days Himalaya mountain climbing. They carried out community service at a village of the same height as Mt. Jade, challenging the limits of their strength and patience. To destroy the negative image of the strawberry generation, they carried out the spirit of leadership and social services.


These students came from different cities and planned for an international service during the summer vacation. For half a year, they prepared schedules, raised funds, gathered information and trained themselves. At the same period of summer season in Taiwan, Mt. Himalaya was snowing. The long journey and the culture shock made each day busy but plentiful. Apart from overcoming the acute mountain sickness (AMS), the students also make good use of their creativity and imagination to pass their knowledge to local children. The students of the Leadership Development Program believe that to gain leadership abilities, first of all, they have to overcome the hardships and be willing to serve people.


The Leadership Development Program gained overwhelming popularity

NTU is confident of cultivating future leaders

As NTU LDP founded with cross-campus, multiple background members in 2008, lots of students immediately applied the 1st cycle of the program. However, only 25 students with abundant club and service experiences got admissions. Prof. Chen-en Ko, the director of the program said “The Leadership Development Program will educate leaders in each field of the society. The goal is to establish students’ leadership skills, international vision and social service spirits. We hope the future leaders will not only be provided with the leading skill and resolution, but also care about the society.” To cultivate future leaders, the LDP were not only designed indoor courses, but also teamed up students to do business contests and interns. For example, Yi-Chen Wu, a senior of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, held the “Smiling Week” charity bazaar and book raising party on NTU campus. There were over one hundred items, donated by more than 40 writers, celebrities, artists and entrepreneurs, selling on the charity bazaar. She also mentioned that “My biggest reward in the event was to learn to communicate with different people. Except learning to express clearly and face different opinions, I also learned to persuade people to support our ideas. When the event ended successfully, I was very touched and amazed that I could achieve more than I imagined.”


Mt. Himalaya Service Project Challenging Physical Limits and Undergoing Self Communication

This August, students of the Leadership Development Program walked out of the campus and carried out the “Mt. Himalaya Community Service and Outdoor Leadership Project.” This was the first cooperation of four teams, along with National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport, Tunghai University and Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. The project was quite different from other mountain climbing events. Community service was carried out in a village at the same height of Mt. Jade, without telephones, computers and even water pumped toilets. Sixteen students of the NTU Leadership Development Program worked together with other team members and challenged mental and physical limits under the difficult Natural environments. The hard tasks were finally completed and the funds used to mend school buildings, repaint walls and renovate the fences of local altars.

A senior student of the Dept. of Economics, Wei Chen remembered “When we decided to climb Mt.Himalaya, we initiated the training of running 60 kms within 30 days. We gathered to jog at 7 in the morning and even the girls went workout in fitness rooms. Apart from basic trainings the equipment preparation was also an important task. We went to lots of sports shops in Taipei, comparing prices and getting familiar with the climbing gears. As well as training, we also had to collect local information of Nepal and look for help from related organizations, so that we could carry on with the plan efficiently.” Prof. Yung-Yaw Chen of the Leadership Development Program said “When  students actually carry out projects, the difficulties whey face do help them see the importance of leadership and teamwork.  They could also view the different aspects of the society. Except broadening cultural and international visions, the students also learned that success was derived from many people’s support and efforts.”